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Government Of Assam Elementary Education State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT)



Review and content updating of textbooks:

The  following textbooks  were  reviewed/content updated as per latest development. These  were- 

  i. Language (Assamese) textbooks of class I –VIII. (7no)

 ii.  EVS  textbooks of class III-V in all medium.(3x10 medium=30 books).

 iii. Social Science textbooks of class VI,VII and VIII in Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, English and Hindi.((3books x5 medium)=15 nos

 iv. English textbook of class II.(1 no).

Grand total=7+30+15+1=53 no of books.

  1. Incorporation of QR code:

As per instruction and decision at the Government level, SCERT  incorporated   QR code in  a few textbooks of following school subjects of elementary stage. These are -

  1. Mathematics- Class V ( both in Assamese & English medium)
  2.  English – Class V.
  3. Social Science – Class VI-VIII (both in Assamese & English medium )
  4. Science- class VIII ( Assamese & English medium)

3. Development of E content:  After incorporation of QR code in a few lessons, measures for development of   E content  was taken up. As QR code was incorporated in Assamese and English medium textbooks therefore excepting English textbook of class V , e contents were  developed  both in     English and Assamese medium.  SCERt developed the e contents involving teachers competent in use of ICT, teacher educators, expert professionals, etc. After review by the subject and pedagogy experts, these materials were later on uploaded in the Diksha portal.

 4. Translation of Natun Ganit ,class III:

Extended support and cooperation to  Mathematics and Science Deptt. in adaption/translation of Natun Ganit class III in  other medium of instruction (9 medium) and given for print to ASTPPC ltd after finalization.

5. Development of OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES:  The State had conducted Gunatsav and NAS during 2017-18 and based on the analysis of the findings of these two efforts, some grey areas have been identified in students learning outcomes. In consideration of these learning gaps identified in last Gunatsav and NAS and with a view to building capacities of teachers and teacher educators, the State  proposed measures  for development of Open Educational Resources in the contents of ,Language1 (Assamese), L2 (English), Mathematics, Science,  EVS &Social Science.   SSA undertook this activity with academic support from SCERT, subject experts from University, SSA/RMSA, HTTC, IASE, BTC, Normal Schools, etc.

 The objective of this programme  is to –

  1. Enhance capacity of teacher educators and teachers to bring quality improvement in schools through effective and meaningful resource materials related to course curriculum,
  2. Provide hand holding support to teacher educators and teachers by making the resource materials  accessible as and when required.

It is expected that, teachers will be  able to use the OER easily  and it will provide flexibility  to apply new methodologies in the classroom. Further, it is also expected that the  performance of the learners will be improved  in the days ahead.

SCERT was  entrusted to provide leadership in development of OER in different school subjects. Accordingly, under the leadership of SCERT faculties OER were developed covering 4  phases as per academic calendar. These phases were-

                                 Phase I- April-June.

                                 Phase-II  ( Aug- Sept       

                                 Phase - III ( Oct-Dec)

                                 Phase- IV   ( Jan-March

Sl no.







Hindi (L3)

13 (VII-6,VIII-7)


Social Science & EVS


Video conferencing by RPs from SCERT   also conducted on various aspects of handling of these OERs.

Besides, AIR programme titled Pragya through radio broadcasting programme in collaboration with AIR, Guwahati on areas like utilization of OER, pedagogical process and other academic aspects have been taken up.The subject wise OER  are being broadcasts by AIR  on every Monday from 7.30 a.m. to 7.55 a.m (25 minute) since 21th Jan 2019.  Faculties from SCERT, DIET, NS and teachers involved in development of  subject wise OER are taking part in the Pragya programme as an experts.

6. Translation/adaptation of Learning outcome materials (main booklet, leaflet,poster, etc) of Elementary level into Assamese and Bodo.

In pursuance of the Government of India’s focus on quality of education, Learning Outcomes covering all subjects at the elementary level was finalized by the MHRD in collaboration with NCERT New Delhi. In order to ensure that all these materials on LO reaches all teachers , all parents and all schools in the States/UTs were instructed to translate, print and distribute. Further, the States were also instructed that LO document for all teachers, leaflet/brochures for all parents and posters for display on all school walls and boards.

 In compliance with the Govt. Instruction on the matter, SCERT Assam  undertook translation of LO documents for teachers, leaflet for parents & community and posters for school walls  in Assamese and Bodo medium within 2017-18. Soft copies of the Bengali version of the aforesaid materials were brought from Tripura for print.  Learning Outcome on Assamese and Bodo (L1) was newly developed by SCERT Assam by organizing a series of workshops. Learning Outcome materials were distributed into 5 medium, viz. Assamese, Bodo, Bengali, Hindi and English. These LO documents were distributed to 145 educational blocks of the State under the supervision of   District Mission Coordinators.

Besides, getting involvement  in  translation/adaptation of Learning Outcome materials into Assamese & Bodo, faculties from this Department played active role in  development of training  module and  subject wise KRP  training on Learning Outcomes which was later on conducted by SCERT Assam.

7. Development of tools for Gunatsav:

SCERT faculties were also involved in providing academic leadership in development of subject wise   evaluation tools   and its adaptation/translation into other medium of instruction.

8. Development of training module for  Pedagogy, Learning Outcome, ICT and Shalasiddi for Upper Primary stage of Education: (2018-19).

 In pursuance of instruction from the Director SCERT, a training module  for 5 day teacher training program on   Pedagogy, Learning Outcome, ICT and Shalasiddi for Upper Primary stage of Education was developed. These training modules were developed by organizing a series of workshops at SCERT Assam in Nov-December 2018.  The above stated training module was developed with the following objectives in view-

  1. To acquaint the teachers with the new pedagogy of learning as per NCF’05.
  2. To develop understanding about the importance of Learning Outcomes for different school subjects,
  3. To acquaint the trainees with   learning strategies of different school subjects for ensuring learning outcome.
  4. To appreciate the role of ICT in enhancement of Learning Outcome,
  5. To orient the teachers on implementation of Shalasiddi for effective functioning of schools.

The above stated training module was developed in Assamese and English medium.

After completion of development of training module KRPs training  w.e.f. 7th to 11th Jan’2019 was organized  at SCERT Assam for both LP & UP stage. Approximately 150 KRPs were developed for the entire state to handle the above training module.

9.Other activities:

  Academic faculties of this department were also involved in Development of Comprehensive list of Textbooks at Elementary Level for the Academic Session 2019& also development of Academic Calendar  at Elementary level for the session 2019 in Assamese, Bengali, Bodo and English medium.


  1. Organization  of  State Consultative Meet for revisiting the state curriculum of elementary level in the light of emerging issues.

A four (4) day State Consultative Meet for revisiting the School Curriculum of elementary stage in the light of emerging issues was organized w.e.f. 14th to 17th November, 2018 at Hotel D’ Courtyard, Ganeshguri, Guwahati-5.

It is to be stated that,  SCERT  Assam has developed  curriculum for school education and reviewed the same as per NCF 2005. The revised school education curriculum has been in use since 2010-11. However due to change in global perspective there is a need in curriculum to be revisited so that new issues can be incorporated systematically. Regarding new issues mention may be made of verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court, Road Safety, Child Right and Child Abuse, etc

The 4 day workshop was organized by SCERT Assam with the following objectives-

  1. To revisit the state school curriculum of elementary stage in the light of recent issues.
  2. To   incorporate needful element area wise where needed.
  3. To suggest for effective implementation of these areas in school.

11. Workshop on Art Education for the newly recruited teacher educators of elementary level.                                       

As per letter received from NCERT New Delhi for organization of  National Consultative Meet on Art Education  scheduled from 3rd to 5th October, 2018, along with instruction received from  Director SCERT, Assam, an  one day  workshop was organized at SCERT Assam on 28th Sept 2018  for taking measures for effective implementation of Art education in schools as well as teacher education programme  through  D.El. Ed. The one day workshop was conducted with the following   programme schedule

  • Discussion on prevailing scenario of art education at elementary stage,
  • Way  forward.

 Sri  Kishor Das, Sr. Lect. DIET Morigaon,& Kamal Kr. Mahanta, Lect, DIET Kamrup participated in the workshop as Resource person. On the other hand, Dr. A. Brahma, Dr. S. Begum, Sankar Kalita, Artist, SCERT participated in the workshop on behalf of SCERT Assam.Due to other official engagement of urgent nature, Director SCERT Assam could not attend the one day workshop. In her absence Dr. S. S, Das, Deputy Director chaired the workshop.

On going programme:

The following activities are going on for implementation in academic session 2020-

  1. Revision of textbook:
  • Sahitya Karani for the classes VI,VII & VIII.
  • Social Science VI,VII & VIII in Gao, Nepali & Manipuri medium.
  1. Development of textbook:
  •  Natun Path (L1) for class 7 in 6 medium
  • Beginner’s English for the classes VI,VII & VIII.
  • New Arithmatic for class VI, VII & VIII in all medium recognized by the Govt.
  • Activities of Social Science Department, SCERT, Assam


The following activities were carried out by the department of Social Science, SCERT, Assam in collaboration with C& MD SCERT.

Review  and content updating of Social Science textbooks of class VI,VII and VIII in Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, English and Hindi.(3books x4 medium=12 no) in 2018.


  • Development of training module for 5 day in-service teacher training on  Social Science for professional development of teachers at elementary stage on the basis of analysis of Gunatsav and NAS result .
  • Training of KRPs on Social Science for in-Service teachers for their professional development at elementary stage.
  • Incorporation of  QR Code in Social Science textbooks  of Assamese and English  medium  for  classes VI,VII& VIII.
  • Development of e-content for incorporating QR code  in the   Social Science textbooks of  Assamese and English medium.
  • Development of 26 nos. Open Educational Resource (OER)  for  Social Science:
  • Phase I-5 Nos

    Phase II-5 Nos

    Phase III-4 Nos

    Phase IV-12 Nos

  • Participation as Resource person in Radio broadcasting program (Pragya) (3no)on Social Science in 2019.

Department of Science and Mathematics

Text book development

New textbooks for mathematics have been developed in 10 medium i.e. in Assamese, Bodo, Bengali, Hindi, Manipuri, Garo, Hmar, Karbi, English, Nepali.

  • Natun Ganit for Class I and II

Developed in the year 2017. Implemented in schools w.e.f. the year 2018

  • Natun Ganit for class III, IV & V

Developed in the year 2018 implemented in the schools w.e.f. the year 2019

  • Mathematics textbook of class VI, VII & VIII

Development Process is going and will be implemented in school w.e.f. the year 2020.

In service Teacher Training

  • Development of module on Science and Mathematics for upper primary teachers (VI-VIII)
  • Development of module on science for secondary level teachers (IX-X)
  • Development of module on Mathematics for secondary level teachers (IX-X)

                Accordingly Training programmes were held for KRPs. These KRPs will train teachers at district and block level

No of KRPs for different training programme are as follows-

  • Science and Mathematics for upper primary level-142 Nos.
  • Science for secondary level – 106 Nos.
  • Mathematics for secondary level – 114 Nos.



Development of e-content by using QR Code for newly developed Mathematics textbook for class V and science textbook for class VII for enhancement of learning both for teachers and students.


Development of test items on the basis of learning outcome for science and mathematics for class VI, VII & VIII to evaluate schools and students in order to access their performance in scholastic.


Development of Open Educational Resources (OER) for lower and upper primary level students. in Science and Mathematics on the grey/difficult area of science and Mathemmtics as indicate from the analysis of data of Gunotsav, 2017 and NAS, 2017

Science Exhibition

                The 30th State Level Science Mathematics and Environment Exhibition, 2019 held w.e.f. 10th to 13th March, 2019. No of Participant were 183 and no of guide teacher were 53. The theme of the exhibition was ‘scientific solution for challenges in life’. Altogether 36 participants were selected for National Level Science Exhibition.  

Major Activities of the Department of Languages, SCERT, Assam


Writing, Reviewing, adapting textbooks, Curriculum and other  teaching-learning materials for school education and Teacher Education

Development of Beginners’ English I, II, III, IV & V (5 English textbooks for Classes I-V in workshop mode- Completed))

Development of English Textbooks for Classes VI-VIII(Academic Coordinator for the books from Classes I-VIII: Dr. Mizo Prova Borah)

Faculty contributed to Review of Teacher Education Curriculum for D.El.Ed in Assam- Suwala Dutta Saikia, Dr. Jutiphul Baruah, Dr.M.P.Borah


“I love storytelling”-  A DVD for teachers produced by SCERT, Assam-(Academic Director & Script –  Dr. Mizo Prova Borah)

 “Learning English, the lively way”-  A VCD for students of the elementary level produced by SCERT, Assam-(Academic Director –  Dr.Mizo Prova Borah, Script: Piyanu Boruah & Dr.Mizo Prova Borah)

 Coordinating workshops on Learning Outcomes

-Workshop for Hindi teachers (Suwala Dutta Saikia)

-Workshop for Language1 teachers (Dr. Jutiphul Baruah)

-Workshop for English Teachers ( Dr.M.P.Borah)

Collaborating with SSA for development of Open educational Resources  (OERs)

Project -Development of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in Assam as a step to reduce learning gap found after analysis of Gunotsav 2017 ----

Contributed refining and editing Open Educational Resources (OERs) in English as Reviewer Subject Coordinator & faculty contributed as Group Leader for L1 Assamese, L2 English, L3 Hindi OERs (Suwala Dutta Saikia, Dr. Jutiphul Baruah, Dr.M.P.Borah)

Editing Research Journal

Faculty of the department edited the research Journal of SCERT as Associate Editors and member of the Editorial Board (In coordination with Dept. of R & E)

Conducting Research studies

a) Collaborative Research Study as awarded by British Council (Initiated in 2019)

b) Classroom situations related to MLE and innovative classroom practices in Dimoria Block of Kamrup district & Guwahati in Assam & Teachers as Reflective Practitioners (ongoing)

c) A Mixed Method approach for achieving Learning Outcomes in a school in Kamrup M(As a part of the Project “TEP” in collaboration with LLF and ITC in Rampur, Chaygaon, Blocks of Kamrup R)

Inter Departmental Coordination

Compiled “Guide Book for conducting Educational Research with focus on Action Research”-

 (In coordination with Dept. of R & E)

Conducting workshops in the department

Ongoing self sponsored mentoring exercises for members associated with Language Textbook Development, OER development, Reflective practices during workshops and as needed.

Monitoring Free Textbook Distribution in the State,  Gunotsav

Faculty members monitored distribution of Free textbooks in districts allotted by the government. b) Faculty worked as Associate State Coordinator of National Achievement Survey 2017 c) Resource person in the orientation programme for i) Master Trainers  and ii) Observers  of National Achievement Survey 2017. d)  Faculty Visited as External Evaluator in three schools of Chaygaon Block in different phases of Gunotsav e) Faculty prepared English, Hindi and Assamese tools for Gunotsav phases I, II and III

Collaborating with other agencies/organizations/Schemes etc. for CPD/contribution to and review of Publications/development of Activity Books/ Special training materials, etc.

a) Faculty invited as Resource Person and Reviewer of Special Materials for MGML Project being implemented in collaboration with DIET Jorhat.

b) 5 Day State Level Workshop on Child Centric Pedagogy (CCP) for Teacher Educators, Guwahati from 25-29th September, 2018 (NCERT – SCERT)

5 Day “State Level Workshop for Capacity Building of Teacher Educators on “Language Across Curriculum” by SCERT, Assam in Collaboration with UNICEF Assam and Azim Premji University, Bangalore from 26th – 30th November 2018 at Guwahati 

Capacity Building Programmes

Participation in Workshops on Robust Learning Assessment supported by UNICEF Assam  

In-Service Training programmes

i) Organized State Level Hindi Teachers’ training Programme- Modification of Hindi Teachers’ Training Module for High School teachers

ii) Module Development & Training for Key Resource Persons for English Teaching catering

a) L.P Level (Classes I and II) for 123 Key Resource Persons  

b) Classes III-V for about 128 Key Resource Persons and

c) Module Development & Training for 105 Key Resource Persons and RPs for English Teaching in classes IX and X

    The trained Resource Persons will train teachers at the field level in cascade mode.

iii) Faculty acted as Resource Person in the One Month programme on Leadership for Heads of schools

13. Invitations as Resource persons/ panelists/invited speakers for different International, National and State workshops /seminars/conferences & Extending service to educational institutes like schools/Colleges/Universities as Subject Experts and Resource Persons

a) Panelist in the International Conference of the All India Network of English Teachers in Mumbai in February 2018 on invitation- Dr. Mizo Prova Borah

b) Lecture on selected topic in the Workshop on Motivating Undergraduate Students to Acquire Reading and Writing Skills in English organized by North Gauhati College in February 2018 by Dr. Mizo Prova Borah

c) Resource Person in the Workshop on the Structure of Action Research conducted by TLC, Tezpur University in May 2018.

d) Plenary speaker in the National Seminar on Pupils Evaluation, 29-30 January, 2019 at Guwahati- Dr. Mizo Prova Borah

e) Faculty of the department acted as Resource Person in various extension service programmes e.g Sessions on English Teaching-learning at Axom Jatiya Bidyalay, Guwahati

Radio/TV Programmes

-Development of Radio scripts for students programmes to be broadcast in May-June 2018   through All Indian Radio- Dr.Mizo Prova Borah as writer and participant teacher in students’ programme Bidyarthir Anusthan.

- Radio script writing for teachers-(Suwala Dutta Saikia, Dr. Jutiphul Baruah)

- Radio script writing for teachers on OERs for the programme ‘PRAGYA’ (Suwala Dutta Saikia,  Dr. Jutiphul Baruah,Piyanu Boruah, Dr.M.P.Borah)

-Panelist in the TV programmeon International Mother Language Day

Innovations/New Programmes/ Interventions Facilitation

a)Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP) in Rampur and Chaygaon blocks of Kamrup (Rural)

b) Mentoring Teachers for E-content development for DIKSHA portal 2018 (In coordination with Dept. of ICT)

c) Developed Energized English Textbook with QR Codes : Beginners’  English –V and   uploaded first on Diksha portal of Government of India in 2018 (In coordination with Dept. of ICT)

d) Orientation Programme on Web 2.0 tools for Creating and Collaboration for a paperless  Environment, SCERT, Assam- Concept: Dr. Mizo Prova Borah( In collaboration with LLF & ITC  provided RPs)

e) Development of tools for a)Hindi b) Assamese & c) English for Gunotsav

f) English E-grammar (e-content for English grammar) - A project to facilitate Teacher and students in English teaching-learning at the elementary level

Academic acknowledgements/achievements

a) Research Paper of Dr. Mizo Prova Borah published in the book- British Council, 70 years in India, Issue 10: Using inclusive practices and multilingual approaches (2) edited by Brian Tomilnson and Andy Keedwell.(2018) This is a publication related to UK-India ELTReP award Programme 2012-2016 and the second paper–‘English for Beginners in multiple mother tongue classroom contexts in primary schools ’ is the study conducted by the awardee Dr. M.P.Borah .

c)  Project under ELTRMS, British Council (2019-2020) –

The British Council launched the award scheme ELTRMS in 2019 for Indian academics and researchers in the field of English Language Teaching. The overarching aim of ELTRMS is to facilitate and strengthen the production of high-quality research from India and to support the investigation and documentation of current ELT theories and practices in India using a robust research methodology. After a rigorous selection process, nine research projects with diverse areas of research were chosen. Dr. Mizo Prova Borah awarded under this scheme for a collaborative Project on Teacher Education will be a Co-researcher on the project: Investigating selection, preparation, and role of “non-tenure line instructors” to train ESL teachers in West Bengal and Assam.

17. Ongoing Projects

a) Development of New English textbooks by SCERT, Assam for Classes 6 – 8 for being implemented in the regional medium schools of Assam in the academic year 2020 -(Academic Coordinator - Dr. Mizo Prova Borah)

b) Teacher Empowerment Program in Kamrup (Rural) - Dr. Mizo Prova Borah and Piyanu Boruah as Members of the Core Advisory Group

c) Recording for Radio programme ‘PRAGYA’ (Suwala Dutta Saikia, Dr. Jutiphul Baruah, Piyanu Boruah, Dr.M.P.Borah) in coordination with SSA, Assam

d) Preparatory work for an International Round Table conference in 2019

) English E-grammar ( e-content for English grammar)- A project to facilitate Teacher and students in the teaching-learning of English Grammar at the elementary level (Coordinator-Dr.M.P.Borah)

Department of Pre-Primary Education, Inclusive Education and Special Education

  • Visited the following schools for observation of class transaction and also elicit information related to different aspects of pre-primary education during November 2017 and submitted the report.
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya,Khanapara
  • Sankardv Sishu Nikatan,Jonali path,R.G.B.Road
  • Axom Jatiya Vidyalaya,Noonmati,Guwahati
  • Survey of 661 amalgamated Schools of the State

    SCERT, Assam has conducted a survey to take a stock of the situation and augmenting gaps for effective implementation of Ka and Kha sreni under Early Childhood Education. Information have been obtained from 634 out of 661 amalgamated schools during May 2018

    Development of Early Childhood Education(ECE) Curriculum

    SCERT, Assam has taken the initiative for development of ECE Curriculum in the light of National ECCE Curriculum framework, 2013 which was developed by the Ministry of women and child development after formulation of the National ECCE Policy, 2013 and also draft curriculum of ECE developed by NCERT, New Delhi. The draft curriculum is developed in collaboration with UNICEF, Assam during May –July 2018

    Faculty attended the National Consultation on Pre School Curriculum and Guidelines for preschool from 13-14 August,2018

  • Training of Key Resource Persons

The training of Key Resource Persons (KRP) on ECE Curriculum has been completed in collaboration with UNICEF during 23rd to 27th July 2018. The KRPs include faculties from SCERT, SSA, DIETs, BTC, Normal Schools, PPTTC, Anganwari teacher training centre of the State. KRPs will train the school teachers after getting necessary instruction from Govt.

  • Faculty attended the National Consultation on Pre School Curriculum and Guidelines for preschool from 13-14 August, 2018
  • Refresher Course

Organized 8 day refresher course on Early Childhood Education for faculties of SCERT, SSA, DIETs, BTC, Normal Schools, PPTTC, Anganwari teacher training centre at preprimary teacher training centre, Dibrugarh from 30th November to 7th December 2018.

  • D.El.Ed Curriculum
  • Finalised the paper on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and included in 2 years D.El.Ed Curriculum.

    Regional Workshop

    SCERT New Delhi organized a regional workshop in collaboration with SCERT, Assam for orientation of State functionaries of North-East Zone on Guidelines for ‘Pre-school Education’ and ‘Pre school curriculum’ during 8th -9th January 2019.

    Development of training module on methodology and learning outcomes at  lower primary level during December, 2019.

    Organized KRP training on methodology and learning outcomes at  lower primary level during January, 2019.

    Organised State level Training on awareness and capacity building of KRPs for the faculties of DIETs on Drug Demand Deduction on 6th & 7th February 2019.

    Faculty  attended the orientation for Master Trainers on pedagogical evolution in inclusive classroom at Secondary Level organized by NERIE-NCERT, Umiam, Shillong from 28 January -1 February, 2019

    Activities  of the  Department of Research and Evaluation 


Conduct of research in the field of school and teacher education is one of the major activities of SCERT, Assam. Different kinds of researches have been undertaken by SCERT, Assam for improvement of quality in school and teacher education of the State. The findings of the researches have been appraised to the Government for assisting in framing policy for improvement of the educational scenario of the State. Some of the major research related activities conducted recently by SCERT, Assam are as below.

Published  Educational Research Journal 3rd Volume with ISSN 2454-4949 in October, 2018.  15 research papers were contributed by different educational practitioners. Process for publication of 4th  volume is going on.

Initiative for building capacity of teacher educators and teachers in conducting educational research especially action research

 Published Guide Book on Research Methodology with focus on Action Research ( October, 2018)

 Conducted orientation programme on action research for teacher educators of Assam.

National Seminar on Pupil Evaluation on January 29-30,  2019 in Guwahati.

Twenty five research papers were received by SCERT, Assam, out of which only     Fifteen papers were shortlisted for presentation in the seminar in four technical sessions.

Training on Research Methodology with special reference to Action Research for teacher educators of Normal Schools and BTCs on December 18-20, 2018 at SCERT HQ.

On line All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) covering Govt. TEIs in the portal developed by MHRD, GOI. All the NCTE recognized Teacher Education Institutions have accomplished the task of uploading Data Capture Format (DCF) III in AISHE portal of MHRD, GOI for the year 2018-19.

Development of Institutional Mechanism for conducting research study by teacher educators. Under this mechanism attempt is being made to popularize research and action research among teacher educators of the state in a structured way and to assure quality of research studies conducted by them.

Radio Talk on Action Research broadcasted by All India Radio, Guwahati

Faculty members were involved in implementation of Gunotsav in respect of  development of tools, as Master Trainer and External Evaluator.

Members of the department were involved in the process of development of OERs in collaboration with SSA, Assam

4 research papers developed by faculty members of SCERT, Assam during 2018-2019 and published in research journals.

Mission Uttaran

Mission Uttaran is an initiative of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Assam to improve learning outcome of children in existing schools and making them a model school through Teacher Education Institutions, engaging student teachers and giving them an opportunity of learning by doing and development leadership quality.

Mission Uttaran’s vision and mission reflects aspiration to work in a holistic manner to strengthen linkage among Teacher Education Institutions, Block and Cluster Resource Centres and Schools and reinforcing the partnership with parental communities to improve learning outcome of children.


Equip teachers and children with the skills needed to move with advancements of 21st century


Introducing child friendly pedagogical approach to ensure attainment of expected Learning Outcomes by all children

Objectives of Mission Uttaran

To promote student‐ centred active learning

To try out innovative pedagogy and ICT based teaching-learning to develop 21st century learning skills

To support student health and wellbeing

To promote positive social interaction between students, teachers and community.

To promote the safety and security of students and  staff and reduce disaster risks.

To create an environment friendly atmosphere which promotes development of imagination, creativity and values among children

To make the internship programme of teacher training courses more effective and result oriented.

To popularize Action Research among the student teachers of TEIs and school teachers as a tool for solving problems in school setting.

To be a model in teacher preparedness, pedagogy, evaluation, school governance and maintenance.

•Selection of School

Each TEI has selected at least two schools initially in the first year in each district. Such schools will be identified from those schools who secured “B”, “C” or “D” Grade in Gunotsav, performing low in NAS, 2017.

Activities of the Department of Teacher Education

Teacher Education

  • Development of Teachers’ Training module.

    Conducted Teachers’ Training (KRP Training) on the following subjects- 





    LP &UP


    Social Science


    Science & Mathematics




    LP &UP


    Activities of ICT Department

 Implementation of DIKSHA in the State of Assam 

DIKSHA, Assam is a web page of DIKSHA web portal . DIKSHA, Assam web page is launched by Elementary Education Department, Govt. of Assam. All the e-contents created by teachers, teacher educators, and SECRT are uploaded on this web page.   - https://diksha.gov.in/as/

Teacher Profile and Registry: The profiles of the Teachers and Teacher Educators who have created contents for Energized textbooks and who have reveiwed the contents created by contents creators were registered in the DIKSHA, Portal .

Capacity building of Teachers on the useges of DIKSHA- Workshops were organized by SCERT, Assam for capacity building of teachers and teacher educators on e-content development by using DIKSHA platform ,free and open softwares and also by using other some paid softwares.

SCERT, Assam nominated District Coordinators from DIETs, Basic Training Centers and Normal Schools and conducted training cum workshop on DIKSHA and ETB.

Around 1000 teachers and teacher educators were provided orientation on DIKSHA and ETB.

Implementation of the Energized textbook (Q R Code incorporated) at Elementary and Secondary Level

Energized Textbook is a QR Code incorporated textbook that helps students and teachers to access digital content by scanning QR Code. The e-Contents uploaded on DIKSHA Portal are linked with the QR Codes printed on some of the selected physical textbooks of Assam. -https://diksha.gov.in/as/explore


A QR code is an image with patterns of black and white squares that can be read by an electronic device with a scanner. QR codes are positioned appropriately and printed on the textbooks to make it easier to access the relevant content and understand the topics better. You can scan the QR code using the DIKSHA mobile app (both registered or guest user) on your Smartphone, Tablet etc.

37 textbooks of Assam are being Energized with QR Codes and are linked with the e-contents uploaded on DIKSHA, Assam web page. Among them 29 textbooks are of Elementary level and 8 textbooks are of Secondary level.

Total classes covered in Energized Textbooks: 6 classes

Class-V: 6 textbooks

Class-VI: 8 textbooks

Class-VII: 6 textbooks

Class-VIII: 9 textbooks

Class-IX: 4 textbooks

Class-X: 4 textbooks

Total subjects covered in Energized Textbooks: 6 subjects

Assamese(L1)- 1 textbook

English-(L2)- 4 textbooks

Science- 8 textbooks

Mathematics- 13 textbooks

Social Science- 9 textbooks

Environmental Studies- 2 textbooks

Total mediums covered in Energized Textbooks: 5 mediums

Assamese-14 Textbooks

English- 17 Textbooks

Bodo-2 Textbooks

Bengali-2 Textbooks

Hindi-2 Textbooks

Total QR Code incorporated in Energized Textbooks:303

(266 nos. of chapter level QR Code)

(37 nos. of textbook level QR Code)

Workshops conducted for capacity building, content creation, content curation, e-Lesson plan development, digital resource development

Content creation for Energized Textbook: Curriculum related resources like Audio, videos, PDFs, interactive content for teachers and students were developed by SCERT, Assam. The e-contents uploaded in the portal are linked with Q R Codes printed in the energized textbooks. 343  e-Contents were developed and linked these with QR Codes printed with Energized textbooks of Elementary and secondary level.

VIDEO CONFERENCE: SCERT, Assam has been conducting Video Conferences through EDUSAT network in collaboration on different topics related to ICT in Education, DIKSHA and Energized textbook . There are 16 Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT)  in DIETs under Edusat network of ISRO. HUB for this network is situated at SIRD, Kahikuchi campus.

Video Conference conducted through Edusat on 3rd Jan, 2019 on ICT initiatives at National and State Level held at EDUSAT HUB, SIRD, Kahikuchi by SCERT, Assam.

Video Conference conducted by SCERT, Assam through Edusat on 14th August, 2018 on Mission Uttaran held at EDUSAT HUB, SIRD, Kahikuchi.

Extension Service: Provided extension service to the development of standardized websites of Elementary education department and its 6 sub-organizations and also to Cultural Affairs department and its 11 sub-organizations.

Providing extension service to IT department ,Secretariat Administration Department, and Assam administrative staff college in the refresher/orientation courses conducted on e Prastuti –standardized website.

Workshop conducted on ICT integration in D.EL.ED Curriculum at SCERT, Assam on 8th -9th March , 2018 organized by SCERT, Assam in collaboration with TISS, Mumbai.

Radio Scripts written by faculties of SCERT, Assam for AIR, Guwahati on topics related to education which were broadcasted in AIR, Guwahati. 

Computer Literacy Programme: SCERT , Assam conducted Computer Literacy Training Programme for the staff of  Normal School, PPTC and Basic training center so that they will be able to handle  a computer and do their normal office work in computer.

Development of Module on ICT in Education for Teachers’ Training. (Dec,2018)

Orientation Programmes conducted on ICT in Education in Teachers’ Training (KRP Training).

Development of ICT in Education Draft Curriculum: For professional development of teachers , digital training modules were prepared  in workshop mode and  will be uploaded in the portal.  Other digital contents related to Social Science,Science, Mathematics, Environment, Learning Outcome etc. are also created for uploading in DIKSHA Portal.

ICT in Education Curriculum: For professional development of Teachers on the use of ICT , a draft curriculum on ICT in Education was developed by SCERT, Assam in collaboration with CIET, NCERT. Assam is the first State to develop State specific ICT in Education curriculum and it is shared by CIET, NCERT with 15 other States for developing their curriculum.

The ICT in Education Curriculum for Teachers of Assam is designed for capacity building and to provide an enhanced exposure to information and resources for improving teaching-learning-evaluation, support for continuous professional development and to achieve quality through increased productivity.

Published Notice regarding DIKSHA and ETB in leading Newspaers of Assam.  (Dec, 2019)

SCERT, Assam conducted training cum workshop for faculties of DIETs, Basic Training Centers and Normal Schools on ICT in Education, DIKSHA, and ETB .(20-22nd Feb, 2019)

Awards and Achievements of ICT department :

Awards and achievements of  SCERT, Assam in the All India Childrens’ Educational Audio-Visual Festival and ICT Mela

SCERT, Assam participated in the in 22nd All India Childrens’ Educational Audio-Visual Festival and ICT Mela, 2018 organized by CIET, NCERT, New Delhi in Bhopal. In the Festival 4 video programmes developed by SCERT, Assam were selected for screening.

SCERT, Assam participated in the in 23rd  All India Childrens’ Educational Audio-Visual Festival and ICT Mela, 2019 organized by CIET, NCERT, New Delhi. In the Festival 3 video programmes developed by SCERT, Assam were selected for screening and received 3 awards.

National Level “Best Video Production Award”-Making of Golden Thread (Upper Primary category) received by SCERT, Assam in 23rd Children’s Educational  Audio –Video Festival and ICT Mela organized by CIET,NCERT, New Delhi .

National Level “Best Script Writer Award” (New Media/ICT) for the script of the video-“Talking to the Best Friend” received by Piyanu Boruah, Assist. Director, SCERT, Assam and Ruksana Saikia, Assist. Director, SCERT, Assam in 23rd Children’s Educational Audio–Video Festival and ICT Mela organized by CIET,NCERT, New Delhi .

SCERT, Assam participated in the 24th All India Childrens’ Educational Audio-Visual Festival and ICT Mela, 2020 organized by CIET, NCERT in Cochin, Kerela. In the Festival, 2programs developed by SCERT, Assam were selected for screening and received 2 awards.

National Level “Best Video Production Award”- "An Eri Family" (Secondary level) received by Dr. Nirada Devi, Director, SCERT, Assam in the 24th Children’s Educational  Audio –Video Festival and ICT Mela organized by CIET, NCERT in Cochin, Kerela.

National Level “Jury Appreciation Award” (New Media/ICT) for the interactive content "Rabindranath Tagore" (Secondary level) received by Ruksana Saikia, Assistant. Director, SCERT, Assam and Piyanu Boruah, Assistant. Director, SCERT, Assam in the 24th Children’s Educational Audio–Video Festival and ICT Mela organized by CIET, NCERT, New Delhi in Cochin, Kerela.

Award for Best Master Trainer of e-Prastuti: Smti. Ruksana Saikia, Assistant Director, SCERT, Assam received best Master Trainer Award from Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt..of Assam for e-Prastuti Project (Standardization of website).

Achievement: Ruksana Saikia, Assistant Director,  SCERT, Assam secured 1st position in Master Trainer’s Certificate course conducted by IT, Department, Govt. of Assam and received certificate from Honorable Chief Secretary ,Govt. of Assam for e- Prastuti Project ( Standardization of website)

Award for Best Department of e-Prastuti: Elementary Education Department and its sub organizations have received Best Department Award from Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt.of Assam for e-Prastuti Project (Standardization of website) under the coordinator ship of Ruksana Saikia, Assistant Director, SCERT, Assam.

Activities of the Department of Examination and Evaluation

  1. Pre-Entry-Test for admission into 2-year D.El.Ed course was held in the month of May,2017 all over Assam. Total 40,000 candidates applied online to appeared in the test.
  2. 2nd and 4th Semester end evaluation of 2-year D.El.Ed course was held in the month of June,2017.
  3. 1st and 3rd Semester end evaluation of 2-year D.El.Ed course was held in the month of December,2017.
  4. Pre-Entry-Test for admission into 2-year D.El.Ed course was held in the month of May,2018 all over Assam. Total 37,000 candidates applied online to appeared in the test.
  5. 2nd and 4th Semester end evaluation of 2-year D.El.Ed course was held in the month of June,2018.
  6. 1st and 3rd Semester end evaluation of 2-year D.El.Ed course was held in the month of December,2018.
  7. Study material for second semester of 2-year D.El.Ed course has been developed and distributed among the TEIs.
  8. Pre-Entry-Test for admission into 2-year D.El.Ed course has been held in the month of May,2019 all over Assam. Total 17,393 candidates applied online to appeared in the test.

Major activities conducted by Population Education Cell 


 PEC has been implementing Population Education Programme under the guidelines of National Population Education Project (NPEP), NCERT, New Delhi. According to approved Plan Of Action-2018 the following activities have been conducted. The fund for these activities are provided by NPEP, NCERT.

  1. ADVOCACY :   PEC organised one advocacy programme for Heads of Secondary Schools of Darrang District on 30th July 2018. The objective of the programme is to make aware the Heads about the need of co-curricular activities on Adolescence Education in schools particularly districts like Darrang which is an aspirational district. 100 Heads of Schools attended the programme. The Inspector of schools of Darrang district circle Nabin ch. Boro, inaugurated the programme and requested all Heads to conduct the activities sincerely.
  2. Training:  PEC organised a 3 day training programme on Adolescence Education for Resource Person at Mangaldoi from 30th July- 1st August, 2018. The objective of the programme is to prepare a resource group for conducting Question Box Activies in schools. 20 persons attended the training programme.
  3. Co-curricular Activities:
  4. Organisation of Question Box Activities:
  5. PEC has organised Question Box Activities in 100 schools of Darrang district from August 2018 – December 2018 with the help of Resource Person of Darrang district. The objective of the activity are: (a)to provide authentic information on physical, psychological & psychosocial changes and developments during adolescence & interpersonal relationship issues pertaining to adolescents.

    (b)to clarify various myths & misconceptions regarding sex and sexuality, HIV/AIDS & drug abuse.

  6. A view of Question Box Activity in schools.

    (ii)Organisation of State Level Role Play & Folk Dance Competition:

    PEC organised State Level Role Play & Folk Dance Competition as a part of National Level Role Play & Folk Dance Competition among student of class8&9 at Shilpgram, Panjabari, Guwahati on 16th November, 2018. Participants from 17 districts of the state participated in the programme. The team of Kuralguri H.S School, Golaghat & Hatiali High School, Dibrugarh have been selected to take part in the National Role Play & Folk Dance competition respectively.

    Additional Secretary Dept. Of Education (E), Smt. Sewali Devi inaugurated the programme and Director, SCERT, Assam, Dr. Niroda Devi welcomed the participants.

  7. A view of Role Play & Folk Dance performed by students

  8. Prior to State Level Competition PEC organised the competition at School, Block & Dist. Level in association with respective Inspectors of Schools.

  9. The main objective of the programme is to develop life skills among students by involving them in experiential learning process.

  10. Research & Evaluation:  PEC has conducted a study on analysis of questions put in the Question Box. The main objective of the study is to find out the need of Adolescent students in respect of adolescents reproductive & sexual health issues.

Activities of the Library and Documentation Cell

The Library and Documentation Cell of SCERT is the Learning Resource Centre not only for the SCERT but it provides information services to TEIs as and when required. It’s an integral part of the institution. It has books on English Literature and Language, Assamese Literature and Language, Hindi Literature and Language, Fine Arts, Bengali Literature, Education, Environmental Science, Women Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology, Physical Education, History, Political Science, Music, Science, Textbooks, Computer Science, etc., Reference Collections like general and subject dictionaries, general and subject encyclopaedias, SCERT text books are available in the library.  Textual and supplementary reading materials relating to school and teacher education curriculum of D.El.Ed. and B.Ed. course, reports of various commissions, educational surveys and policy documents also finds a place in the library.

  1. Purchasing of New Books : The Library and Documentation Cell of SCERT, Assam is gradually growing. At present the library has 13,556 numbers of books of different subjects. During 2018-19 altogether 88 numbers of books of different subjects have been procured and appended in the total collection.
  2. Journals procured : SCERT, Assam have its own Research Journal and is available in the library. The Cell has subscribed 6 (six) Journal of local and national level. In addition to this the library has some journal received from different organization as gift.
  3. Newspapers in the Library : At present 2 English News Papers and  3 Assamese daily newspapers is available in the library.
  4. Free e-Resources database : The library has been with the free e-resources database of Jstor – www.jstor.org and National Digital Library https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in
  5. Automation in SOUL : The Bibliographic Information of the document available in the Library and Documentation Cell has been entered in SOUL software.
  6. Conducting charging and discharging service : The Library is being delivered the charging and discharging services to the faculties and staff of SCERT, Assam, faculties of TEI, research scholars on demand.
  7. Current Awareness Service (CAS) : The library is extending CAS service to the faculties of SCERT, Assam.  
  8. Publication of Annual Report 2017-18 of SCERT, Assam : SCERT, Assam is regularly publishing the Annual Report highlighting the activities performed during that particular year. During 2018-19 the Annual Report 2017-18 has been published incorporating the activities conducted during the financial year 2017-18 with the help of the reports and documents available in the library.
  9. Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B), 2018-19 :  Preparation of AWP&B under Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Teacher Education (CSSTE) , Assam is a regular activity of SCERT, Assam which is to submit the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India every year. The documents and reports, Plan of TEIs available in the library has been utilized for preparation of AWP&B 2018-19.